28 December 2008

Waiting At My Doorstep

This poem is about two best friends who have a fight, and no longer talk to each other. The narrator wishes to see his best friend again....

I'm waiting at my doorstep,
Waiting in vain,
Waiting and hoping,
To see you once again.

Not quite long ago,
Things were different,
we werent strangers,
We were best friends.

The time on the phone,
The time during parties,
Where have they all gone,
Those sweet, happy memories?

Change is inevitable,
Change is needed,
But do we really need a change,
Which makes us strangers?

The phone is silent now,
It used to ring a lot back then,
Sometimes I dream of picking up the phone,
And hearing your voice at the other end.

It hurts the most,
When others ask me about you,
I have to fake a smile,
And pretend to be happy too.

This isnt how,
It was supposed to be,
We dreamed of being friends forever,
Didnt we?

I still wait near the phone,
I still check for your mail,
I still wake up every morning,
Hoping to hear from you again.

I'm waiting at my doorstep,
Waiting in vain,
Waiting and hoping,
To see you once again.


  1. hey.... is this narrator by any chance named Mohammed Musthafa Azeez????

    I once did the same thing when my friend got angry... check it at...

    And being critical about it....it was good, not great. I loved the use of small facts like the telephone... jus a bit of advice... poems need not rhyme... sometimes it felt as if u were forcin yourself to use words which make it rhyme.

    but it passed the message and dats wats important... Cheers!!!!

  2. err...definately not ur best dude..! but still nice to read a poem of urs after a long time...liked the ending..

    plzz continue with poems though...

  3. @Aersh: Nah, it's not me...thankfully...something happened which inspired me to write this, thts all..yah, i agree, sometimes its like i'm writing for the sake of rhyming!

    @Neil: I agree with u...definitely not my best...i'll continue though....!

  4. Hey Mustafa, maybe not your best.But still it's got genuine feelings and emotions. Try to use a rhyme scheme too if possible, but not compulsorily.

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  6. I really like this poem. It sounds much better when sung or just recited.

  7. Oh :( What a lovely piece…*sob*……


  8. I guess this is the best poem yet...its true...difficult is how u get back to the start...i loved the poem!...keep ryting more!!