10 December 2008

Reasons To Live

What I'm about to say, may seem too serious to some of you. Others may interpret it wrongly. Still, with the confidence that you'll understand the meaning of what I'm about to say, let me start...

The majority of the readers of this blog are teenagers (sadly, I fear they are the only readers...). And it's all well known that teenagers have mood swings, moments of pure happiness, and days of complete depression.

Well....what about suicide?

Dont take me wrongly. I never said that every teenager has contemplated suicide. But I've talked to enough number of people, to realise that this is a common phenomenon. Many of us have thought about just ending it all (agreed, most of us just think about it, and then drop the thought, laughing at the stupidity of it all...). But what if we dont drop it? What if the thought snow balls?

Teenage suicide is now one of the biggest dangers that society faces. The causes are varied:
  • First, and most troublesome of all, is failure in studies. This doesnt mean failing, or getting expelled from school. For a school topper, an answer sheet with 60% on it itself is devastating.
  • Parental pressure.
  • Friendship. Loss of friendship, through fights and arguments. Most of the time, suicides could be avoided if person had close friends to rely on.
  • Other, specific reasons.
Maybe I'm being too far fetched by saying we should all guard ourselves against suicides. But what if all the reasons for you to be happy, vanish? What if you no longer have anything to look forward to? Nothing to keep you happy? What happens then?

Going on with this topic might be depressing, for me, as well as for you. I apologize if such a post offends or disturbs you. But I will say this before signing off...

Most of the teenage suicides that happened, took place after the victim withdrew from his or her friends and family. Make sure you keep your friends close, your family even closer. You might be able to help them if anyhting happens. What's more, they might be able to help you if suicide ever crosses your mind.

Let's pray that never happens...

Read my poem about Teenage Suicide - "Me And My Decisions".


  1. I read the poem first and then this article, and only then did the message sink in ...teenage suicide or any suicide is a crime...one must never take on their own lives...no matter how brutal life seems for them..but I think you already say that in your article...

  2. dude bt lsn wats there in life to do?
    go to school,waste ur tym in getting sum money n at the end die lyk a looser on ur bed!!
    dats worthless!!
    y nt end it???if u have dat much guts n try for a better life after life or in next life!!!!

  3. It's true what you said...teenage suicides are crimes...I liked the way you ended it...But why suddenly you talkin about suicide?

  4. @Rocky: Dude....i've already told you i dont agree with ur comment....i wonder wht the others think about it...

    @Megh: dont worry...the reason is i read a newspaper clipping....really affected my mood...thts all...not anything else...like me contemplating! lol...its eid time...life's too gud now!

  5. ppl agree or disagree
    fact is fact!
    when u have to do sumthing,u have to do it !!

  6. hmm...lets see...this cud be a gud discussion...how many of u guys agree with rocky? i definitely dont...

  7. Suicide is the option of quitters and losers. There are many ways to make yourself useful to the society. Acedemics is only a millionth of one's life. I do not completely agree with Rocky.

  8. c'mon.wats worse dan being defeated.if u cant win,u shud self-terminate urself.do u keep computer programs if they dnt achieve their purpose.no!!!so y keep ur life???so just do sumthing win,may be u die trying.bt if u loose still,then terminate urself.n yea its nt abt those small wins,its abt the big 1's!!

  9. @rocky
    dude u win some u lose some.thats the way of life..always has been always will be..n ur next life also going to follow the same pattern,have no doubt about it,so when u cant stare failure in the eye in this one,what makes u think the next one's going to be any different??only when u have tasted defeat can u savour success..