01 December 2008

The "My-World-Generation"

I got a brillaint brain wave. In the following post, I'm going prove to you, how excatly, you are an egoistic, self centred, braggart. Excited! So am I...

So here goes...

Proof #1: MSN Display Names
Have you realised just how many people use MSN to complain, whine and show off about themselves? How many times have you read such Display Names like "Got 1st in (so and so competition)! Yippe!" or "Bought GMC Yukon!" or "92% in my Exams....yay!". My personal favourite is "Hurray! Finally got my own N95 mobile!".

Proof #2: Facebook Picture Albums
Am I the only one who finds it weird, or is uploading 50 pictures of a get together kind of stupid? Well, you could justify by saying that those pictures hold a lot of memories, and hence, must be shared. Fine. What about those 30 to 60 picture albums....of ONE person? And most of them taken when the self centered author is wearing the same clothes? That, according to me, is more than just cherishing memories.

Proof #3: Inboxes and Contacts
I've never actually wanted to be friends with a complete stranger from Tokyo. But some people really do think that's cool. What's more, they seem to think the amount of emails they receive (doesnt matter if 95% of them are forwards....and the other 5% are spam!), really shows how popular they are. And I'm sure you've come across people in Facebook and Orkut who tell you something like : "Hey, I'm your best friend's brother's classmate...ADD ME PLEASE!". To them, the number of contacts or "friends" they have...really does matter.

Proof #4: Blogs and Bloggers
For those of you who are thinking that I'm pointing the finger at others, here's the last proof. Some people create a blog (or half a dozen of them) and then go around asking others to comment. Even when there is nothing respectable to comment about. Here's where I'm guilty as charged.

But hey, whoever said we were perfect right? It'll be fun to know how many of you are like me, part of the "My-World-Generation". Where everything is about "I, Me or Mine". So do let me know through the comment box. Comments criticising this post, are welcome. Doesnt mean they'll be displayed, ofcourse!

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  1. Bravo, Mustafa! You're absolutely right! You've described the average teenager online. And most of us are in this ^ ^

  2. yea....definately...most of the stuff is related to me i guess....except no.2 !!
    Well done..:P
    Keep Blogging

  3. k nthing lyk me here
    i dnt put so many dumb pics
    i dnt use such pms
    i keep my mail box empty
    n i never ask ne1 lyk dat to add me
    i simply send a request
    never answer the query 'who r u?'

  4. bt hey since i wrote so much abt me in the last post
    nw i join ur my world gang

  5. Itz truly the my-world gen now...all ov d above proofs apply to me except the 3rd one...i jus don go simply addin ne1...lol

  6. haha...its truli the my world genr8ion now...all d above proofs apply to me except the 3rd one...i jus dont go simply addin people...lol