17 December 2008

Remembering 2008...

The year is almost about to come to a close. There's hardly two weeks left. So I guess this is the right time to have a traditional, yearly round up. Well, the problem is, no one seems to have prepared a roundup, so I'm stuck with my own, cooked up version. Still, the events that I'll remember this year for, are probably the ones you'll remember it for as well...

Moment #8: The Matrix Meets The Shoethrower
December 15, Baghdad
I've already talked about this, and all of you must've read about it yourself. Still, take a look at my earlier post...

Moment #7: The Human Fish
August 17, Beijing
Most of us dont read the newspapers daily. Those who do, read only the Sports page. Yet all of us had a glance of a 6 foot 4 inch, muscular Michael Phelps, who treated the swimming pool like his backyard playground. The guy was a bit too greedy, dont you think? Not one, not two....but eight gold medals in one go. Kind of pissed off the other swimmers, I think. Still, most of us will remember his name for a few years to come...

Moment #6: Too Many Tubes For A Proton
September 10, Geneava
For a Commerce student like me, it did take more than a few seconds to register the problem. As far as I was aware, a whole lot of scientists were gathering, after spending billions of dollars, just so that they could get a few protons to collide. Sounded like child's play at first. Then when someone said that it could create black holes, the smile on my face vanished. It was funny to read about how Stephen Hawkings went around telling that nothing would happen. And then change the channel and see ten other scientists say that we're doomed. I couldnt decide whether to be scared or relieved. Finally I changed the channel and watched some movie...Still, if something goes wrong, or right, we'll remember this date...

Moment #5: FedEx Vs. Rafa
July 6, Wimbledon
I'm not a fan of Tennis. But even then, I couldnt help but hear about, "The Greatest Tennis Match of All Time". Wimbledon 2008 could have been Roger Federer's 6th consecutive title. Instead, it became Rafael Nadal's first. The score line (6-4. 6-4, 6-7, 6-7, 9-7) reflected the length of the match (the longest at 4 hours and 48 minutes). I wish Roger Federer had won. Still, you have to admire the guy, who came so close to winning, and then said in his loser's speech, "Rafa played amazingly. I congratulate him on his victory. And, I'll be back next year." That's called humility and determination...

Moment #4: Why So Serious?
July 18, Worldwide
Rarely has a movie captured the world's attention so much. The Dark Knight was, quite simply, a great movie. But what was more mesmerising than the movie itself, was it's villain. A character that we admired, and feared at the same time. They dont make good villains anymore. One of the best was The Joker. Heath Ledger, in his last completed role, did an amazing job. He made us remember the character, even after the movie was over. Even after the actor who portrayed the character, passed away...

Moment #3: India In Space
October 22, Outer Space
In a purely patriotic tone, I'm proud that India has finally been able to launch its Chandrayaan into outer space. Oddly though, Sachin Tendulkar's 41st century must have grabbed more headlines than this acheivement. Still, it's something that Indians can all take pride in...

Moment #2: Terror In Mumbai
November 26, Mumbai
There have been more than a handful of terrorists attacks in India, particulary over the last two years. Yet, nothing has wreaked more havoc, than the terrorist attacks carried out on the fateful November 26th. There are many things we can think of doing in the aftermath of it all : Lighting candles to show solidarity, Vent our fury at the politicians, Demand a change in leadership, Declare war on neighbouring countries. But the innocent souls lost that night, will be lost forever...

Moment #1: "Yes We Can!"
November 4, Washington
One of the most popular chants in recent times was "Yes We Can!". An amazing orator brought out his vision, accompanied with this ralliying cry, as a result of which, Barack Obama will become the 44th President of USA. Never before, atleast in recent history, has the world welcomed a President Elect with such happiness. But then again, anyone who follows Mr. Bush, can expect a fair amount of welcome...

These were the finest or most darkest moments of 2008. These are the moments which we'll remember 2008 for...


  1. I would like to add a personal memorable moment as you would share it now that you too are a Birliate. March 2008 sent it's first batch of 10th graders to the Board Exams and it was a success. I know, our school didn't come first in Gulf or anything. But still, we all passed with the traditioanl phrase of "flying colors". It's not a global moment, but to us it will always be quite memorable.

    And also, our dear Principal, Mr.A.K. Shrivatsav, got a National Award from the president. This will be something we Birliates will always be proud of.

    I really don't read the newspaper or watch the news. So any news I hear is what I overhear the other's talking about. Thanks for posting this Mustafa, this is truely a year to remember for the rest of our lives.

  2. 2008 started with a good note
    boards excitement n all dat
    bt in all i'll say it wasnt a gud 1
    i prepared all a list of happenings in my life and the world
    n found out dat 2008 wasnt gud 1
    this year was quite sad!

  3. @Zardy: Thanks for covering the Birla Moments of 2008...hadnt thought of tht....still...i too want to believe this was a good year...

    @Rocky: Well....you must be right...but look at it this way...if this year was quite sad...perhaps next year will be better

    I wont be deleting this post...lets hope this blog lasts one more year...and then we can compare....wht say?

  4. yea....that pretty much rounds up the year...though u could have added the Indian cricket teams success :P...

    but ya...these were definitely the moments 2008 will be remembered for..

  5. yea i think 2009 will be better n abt 2010,i dunno wat to say.dat mayb anoder sad year.rememba we're going different ways after dat...