06 December 2008

Read This...Or Else You're Cursed!

Let me ask you a question:

How many times have you received an email which asks you to do something, or else face the consequences? How many times have you been told to forward a mail to these many people, or else have bad luck for countless number of years? How many times have you been cursed to…die?

And still, you’re reading this blog, aren’t you?

I don’t get it. Which pea brained retard actually thought that people would die if they didn’t forward emails or do as they were told? Maybe all this was actually started by a witch or a voodoo magician. Well, if that’s the case, it looks like his powers aren’t working anymore.

Look at the statistics. Most of you have been online for around four years now. You receive such kind of mails atleast once a month. That means you’ve been cursed to have bad luck or death or leprosy (or whatever it is that they’ve cursed you for), atleast 48 times.

Don’t you think it should have worked atleast once by now?

Now here’s what really irritates me. I don’t mind the jobless, completely insane people who actually click “Compose Mail”, and then go through the entire creative process just to bring out this kind of emails. What I do mind, are those even more jobless people, who read such mails, then click the “Forward Mail” button, and then send it to all their contacts.

I’m assuming you’re one of them. Cmon, if you can do such a silly thing, you can definitely comment on my blog more often, cant you? Or should I curse you to have a lifetime of bad luck?

Let me give you an alternative. You know how you get those sick mails in which they say, “Hey, You are my friend. Send this mail to all your friends. If I am one of them, send this mail to me. If you get 10 mails, you’re popular. If you get 7 to 9 mails, you’re….”.

Instead of ignoring these kind of mails, do something different. The next time you see your friend online, or in school, or anywhere else, go up to him or her, and tell them how good they are. Don’t flatter them. Just let them know how you feel about them.

If you’re a guy whose afraid what other guys might think of you, just say what John Abraham said to Abhishek Bachan before he hugged him: “Dude, don’t take this the wrong way, but I love you!”.

Let your friends know how special they are to you. If you don’t do that, I’m sorry, but I really don’t think you’ll have bad luck in your life. But you know what? If you do this….you’re life’s going to be a lot better than it already is. That, I’m sure of…


  1. Hey Mustafa! I agree that initially I did kind of fear such jinx messages. But obviously, by now many of us haver out grown them. But sometime's, curiosity does make you want to read. For example, this post you've made. I'm quite certain that you can't jinx me(or maybe you can) but the sillyness of the idea itself generates curiosity. I agrree with everything you've said in this post.

    “ And dude, don’t take this in the wrong way, but I love you and your posts!”.

  2. hey dude.....chill u sound soooo pissed off!!!!!wots wid all da bad words..??yeh..its tru dat dis happens a lott and its kind of buggin bt ders nutin v can do 2 stp it..!

  3. @Zardy..nice one! I liked your "Dude, dont take this the wrong way..." line....lol!

    @Chethna: nah...i wasnt pissed off at all...the style is like tht jus to convey hw ppl will normally feel. If i was really pissed off....it would be a lot different...and sorry if there were any bad words...no offence intended!

  4. Hey...kidding yaar...I just got one such mail today in my inbox...did not forward it to others though...your advice helped..lol!

  5. ooyy....muthu.....this is wat evry feels...but lyk donkeys we still forward those silly mailz....jus not to take ny kind of riskzzz....

  6. haha
    muthu pl lyk me 4wd it so dat ppl lyk u get irritated.n yea it is better dan ur blog as u get to hear more bad words frm ppl than i read in ur whole blog.
    no offence
    bt make the things more teenage frndly.be more rough!!!!

  7. haha....These mails really get bugging at times...but it's best to just ignore the last few parts of the mail...i never forwarded any mailz in the past two years...n i havent gone through any mishappenings yet...it's just plain stupidity..

  8. @Blossom: I think its abt time we stopped acting like donkeys...and whts life without risks right!

    @Rocky: dude...its working....ppl like u r succeeding in irritating ppl like me! and abt the teenage friendly...nah...thts not necessary...or is it?

    @Megh: thnk god u feel the same way! there shud be more ppl like us in the world....!

  9. yippe..i'll keep sending u then!!bt sum r gud too.just read sum of them!!]
    n yea u can write sum hip-hop poems.lol

  10. hahha... awesome...
    maan once a friend of mine was checkin his mails along with me an he got one of the similar mails... an he was reading it out to me:
    "Litle Tommy got punched on the nose for ignoring tis message.
    Argrus K Pihl got a prmotion in one week for forwarding this message.
    Joel Cadence burned his head in a road accident...etc etc"
    Then I said, " Dude, just ignore it!!.. It's all crap, believe me!!!"
    Then he reads out.."A stupid kid like you who listened to his friend got ran over by a cement mixer.."

    Just screw the thing man, it pisses me off.. but its fun reading those shit..:D:D

  11. @Rocky: Haha...hip hop poems? i'll try!!

    @Chichu92: shit man...that was gud! i shud have added tht to my post!! still...i agree...sometimes its damn funny to read!