23 December 2008

A Bunch of Cables

It really marvels me how a bunch of cables can cause so much trouble to lives of millions of people…

What I don’t understand as well, is why we’ve become so primitive as to rely on cables under the ground. I’m no scientific expert, but cmon, we’ve got atleast a handful of satellites in the sky nowadays, don’t we?

For those of you who don’t quite get what I’m talking about, let me be more clear. Recently, a few internet cables under the Meditteranean Sea(or some similar sounding place) were cut, some partially, others completely. As a result, fourteen countries in the world are having trouble accessing servers. Thus, people like us have to wait longer to access the internet.

I really didn’t like the news when I heard it. It sounded kiddish. I mean, think about it. You see those ads where they say, Lightining Internet Connection at your finger tips! And so on. Then when you call the customer service department, what do they have to say? Sorry sir, but a few cables have been cut somewhere half way across the world. You’re net connection is going to be slower…

And who are the culprits? I read that some fishing boats that tredged the sea bed accidentally cut the cables. Damn those fishermen!

Well, look at the bright side. From now onwards, whenever I don’t see people commenting on my blog, I can just blame the internet servers. After all, it couldn’t possibly be because of the quality of my blog, could it? So much for vanity….

Still, let’s pray those cables aren’t damaged again, any time soon…


  1. I know, the terribly slow internet's really annoying. And it's going to be completely repaired only by February 12? Oh my God!

    And yes, they happen to be two Mediterranean cables.

    Btw Mustafa, why is the rest of the post in italics? Just fix that part alone.

  2. It is weird...but strangely I did not experience any such problem with my computer recently...and I go online everyday!!!(touchwood)!! Sadly none of our school projects involve us having to surf the net....otherwise we all could hav given wonderful excuses!!

  3. hehe....even i dont find any great problem with my internet connection...wonder why...
    ahh who cares...as long as i can come online!!

  4. mine wasnt as slow as they said it would be...i mean like 70%down or anythin....but thnx fr givin some valuable gud excuses

  5. the thing is
    all american servers r up
    bt the europeans ones r slow
    n as most of us r using windows live or orkut or facebook
    we dnt feel the pinch
    coz they all have servers in US

  6. @Rocky: Wow dude....that makes sense....why didnt i read about it...still....tht explains y we've been surfing the net easily...thnks!