29 December 2008


First things first. It's true that I never knew what 'Touchwood!' meant, until yesterday. And frankly, I'm hoping that I'm not the only one.

But when my teacher explained what Touchwood means, a strange idea came to my mind. Before I go on, for my fellow ignoramus's, here's the meaning of Touchwood.

Touchwood in an expression which we say whenever something is going well for us, and we dont want it to change. Pardon me if it's not a precise definition.

After I heard this, I began to think. What if we began crying out, 'Touchwood' everytime something good was happening to us.

Imagine you're in your class, trying to finish your homework, when someone tells you, that you have two more days to submit your work. 'Touchwood!', you scream.

From then on, for every blessing, luck and miracle that occurs to you, cry out 'Touchwood!'.


Because, when someone finally tells you, that you've been yelling 'Touchwood' too often, you'll realise how lucky you actually are. It's a good way to let our sometimes, negative, grumbling, oh-the-grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side thinking mind know, that life isnt so bad after all.

Of course, if you yell 'Touchwood!' in school too often, you'll be taken to the Principal's office.

Imagine him standing in front of you and telling, "You're teachers tell me that you're creating too much of a disturbance in class. I'm letting you go with a warning. If you repeat this, you'll be punished. Consider yourself lucky this time."

Lucky? What do you reply? "Touchwood!"


  1. haha....yea...i knew the meaning though :P...some dude used it in an interview...
    nice post..

  2. Actually..the dudes and dudettes I met actually say touchwood only when they fear something they said will turn out true.....if what they said sounded creepy....

    P.S; my apology for laughing at you for not knowing the meaning of tht word in class...LOL!!!

  3. nvr expctd such a lovely article cud be created jus on "touchwood".... funny and brilliant... u do hav a style...a style dat lets u stand out!!!!

  4. LMAO! Goodone, Mustafa! Touchwood!!!

  5. musthafa u have gud sense of humour....