02 December 2008

Revisiting Taare Zameen Par

I recently had the good fortune to once again see "Taare Zameen Par", the masterpiece of filmmaking by Aamir Khan. And though the movie still awes me the way it did almost one year ago, this time around, I realised some of the most important messages which the movie gives us.

As Aamir Khan stands in Ishant Avasthi's living room, looking out through the window, his words reflect a bitter reality:

"Everyone wants to grow toppers and rankers in their homes. Everyone wants the No.1 position. Doctors, Engineers, Management; anything less than that is unacceptable. 95.5%, 95.6, 95.7. Everyone's busy counting the marks. Isnt it? Please, think about it. Every child has his own qualities, own expertise, own desire. But no, everyone is busy stretching the finger to make it long. Keep on doing that; no matter even if you break the fingers..."

We all know that this is how many parents - advertently or inadvertently - behave with their kids. But now, it looks like a new trend is emerging. Are we ourselves thinking this way? Are we becoming race horses, stuck in a never ending race? Sure, the world is competitive. There's no denying that studies are important. But to what extent? Arent there things greater than a report card or an MBA certificate?

Things like love, friendship, compassion? Maybe these may seem old fashioned to some of you. But sooner or later, when the race is finally over, what will remain? Certainly not your ranks and merits. They can only get you so far...

Watch Taare Zameen Par again if you have to. It will open your eyes, the way it did for me. And think of what Aamir Khan says. "We're busy stretching each finger, to make them longer. And we wont stop, even if the fingers finally break."
I hope that doesnt happen to us....

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  1. You're right. The story does carry more meaning than that which is obvious. I didn't see it entirely either!

    *Looks at fingers*

    Nope! I don't intend on breaking them. I'm fine with my already long fingers. Thank You!

  2. Things like friendship and compassion are very important..but in todays cut throat world... even these things seem trivial..they only last while the mind and heart stay young...sorry to get philosophical...but as a commerce student with a love to pursue art...I know what it feels like to have no way to excel in something different due to "reasons"...thanks for bringing this up...